This seminar provided some relevant group discussion on the issues associated with the establishment of an innovation programme within the government context.

The event was attended by a broad range of Victorian government agencies and highlighted the need for further information and guidance in this area.  All participants expressed a distinct lack of availability of information and best practice related to the creation of government innovation programmes.  Some attendees were in the early stages of establishing their innovation programme, whilst others had advanced programmes staffed by up-to 40 full time staff.

One particular issue surfaced throughout the discussion was the need for metrics to translate the strategic objectives of the programme down to an operational level.  The presentation provided an overview of some possible metrics and approaches.

This area is a focus area for Mission HQ where we assist organisations through facilitation, process design, metrics and implementation of programmes.  An edited video of this event is provided here.  See below for a cut-down version of the presentation provided.  We are available to provide similar events for your organisation as either training or a facilitated session.