This event was well attended by a broad cross section of Victorian Government departments.

Andrew Greaves, Assistant Auditor General, VAGO provided a brilliant overview on the 2005 Auditor General's report on Managing Intellectual Property in Government.  Some guidance was sought by departments on the threshold level at which intellectual property should be captured, and for what purpose.  Some high level direction on these issues was provided.  Additionally it emerged that the Department of Treasury and Finance is currently working towards a discussion paper on this topic which may eventuate into a whole of Victorian Government policy on IP management. 

One interesting development from the session was the broad variety of uses for intellectual property management, with the management of copyright being a prime consideration for many agencies.  Some agencies represented were seeking to commercialise their intellectual property, and this created a new and diverse set of challenges.

We advised that we had been working with agencies in Western Australia on similar issues, and in particular, the managment of compliance issues associated with the valuation, management and commercialisation of intellectual property.   An abridged version of this presentation is provided below.