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Preparing an Information Memorandum that will raise capital

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, In : Venture Capital 

This was one of our best attended events of the Innovation Festival Series.  The event focused on the fact that the document is only the end point of the process.

We successfully guided several attendees away from the traditional venture capital process by providing guidance on the types of opportunities that are likely to have success in this channel.  In my view this was a substantial success of the session.  When you are in the early stages of opportunity creation, there is little time to w...

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Developing a Go-To-Market Strategy

Posted by Marcus Shane on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, In : Technology 2 Market 

This subject was developed for the 2010 Australian Innovation Festival.  When researching this topic, we found a distinct lack of information available.  This is reflected in the enormous volume of hits this presentation has received in its first 18 hours on Slideshare!

Whilst much information about taking a technology to market is undertaken from either a technology or marketing perspective, there, there are many business decisions to be made throughout the process.  Developing a framework to...

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Business Model Design for Technology based ventures.

Posted by Marcus Tarrant on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, In : Opportunity Evaluation 
In preparing our seven events for the Australian Innovation Festival, it was interesting how many of the diverse event topics kept coming back to business model design as a foundation.

The creation and selection of alternate business models is a critical element of any business planning, financial modelling, business valuation, or investment preparation.  It forms the dialogue between the technology itself and the economic profile of the opportunity.

The business model design event provided uni...
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