Commercialising Government and Statutory Authority Innovation

When: Friday May 14th, 3pm - 5pm

Where: Karstens at CQ, 123 Queen St, Melbourne, Level 3


The outputs of innovation by government bodies often have un-realised value.  This seminar outlines appropriate and compliant approaches to"Un-Locking" this value.

 A framework for the identification of types of innovation will be been established, and the many and varied mechanisms for delivering value to your stakeholders will be explored (See below)

 The importance of "Unlocking" the Innovation outputs has been clearly identified by the Auditor General, Victoria.

"There is little in place to ensure that agencies are aware of IP owned under agreements, or have estabished mechanisms to facilitiatate use and access...This leads to a tendency for IP to be "Locked Up", and therefore it is less likely that it will realise its full potential as a public asset."

Managing Intellectual Property In Government Agencies, Auditor General, Victoria, 20th July 2005

 This seminar will cover

Establishment of a Framework - To identify and manage the outputs of innovation.

Best Practices - Forms of Intellectual Property & Intellectual Assets, approaches to management, commercial and impact related metrics

Case Study - Commercialisation of software and process (2009) built by a 3rd party

Facilitated Discussion - Lets solve some real world problems

Networking - Meet and Exchange ideas with other agencies and authorities with similar challenges and opportunities.

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