Developing an innovative go-to-market strategy

When: Thursday May 6th, 8am - 10am

Where: Karstens at CQ, 123 Queen St, Melbourne, Level 3


Taking a technology to market is a complex process and often follows a difficult path.  This seminar explores the issues that can arrise when developing a path to market, and how to select the right market pathway for your IP.

 Steve Telburn  from Secret Sauce Pty. Ltd. will provide a hard won case study on taking an innovative technology to market.

This seminar will cover

Where does the "Go-To-Market Process fit"? - How does a go-to market process fit within an organisation

A framework - A framework to assist in selecting the ideal go-to market strategy 

Best Practices - Experiences and anecdotes

Case Study - Steve Telburn will provide a case study of how a successful Australian Venture-Capital backed company selected the most desirable markets for their platform technology.

Facilitated Discussion - Lets solve some real world problems

Networking - Meet and Exchange ideas with others on Go-To-Market challenges 

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