Creating an Information Memorandum that will raise capital

When: Tuesday May 11th, 8am - 10am

Where: Karstens at CQ, 123 Queen St, Melbourne, Level 3


Why is it that only 1 in 100 ventures are able to successfully raise capital on their information memorandum or business plan?  What is the secret?

 Whilst there are thousands of free business planning and information memorandum templates available online, we contend that it is usually not the template that is at fault.

This seminar will look at the tools and techniques used to raise over $10m for several early stage clients during the Global Financial Crisis. 

 This seminar will cover

Understanding Your Target Market - What is important to different investor groups, what hurdle rates need to be met.

The Venture Diamond - Which facet of your opportunity should you show and why?

Structuring your document & financials - Understanding how an investor reads your document and why they invest

Case Study - Commercialisation of software and process (2009) built by a 3rd party

Facilitated Discussion - Lets solve some real world problems

Networking - Meet and Exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs with similar challenges and opportunities.

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